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  The religion derived from Jesus Christ, based on the Bible as sacred scripture, and professed by Eastern, Roman Catholic, and Protestant bodie.

  What is the basic message of Christianity? Finding the answer to this question is often obscured by impressions that people have. Because of people we know, experiences we have, or information we have already received, many of us bring assumptions to the table when seeking answers to this question.

  Regardless of whether these assumptions are accurate or not, it's important to come to the source text of Christianity, the Bible, to find our answers. While it can be helpful to hear what others say about Christianity, ultimately we have to find out what Christianity says about itself.(information copied from http://www.basicsofchristianity.com)

The obvious place to begin is with Jesus Christ; Christianity is of course a reference to Christ. Jesus was born around 3 A.D (Anno Domini), which is Latin for “ in the year of our Lord”. This segregation in time between B.C and A.D was an approximation made by early church fathers and later by most of the world as being the difference between time before the life of Jesus and after his birth, this of course because of the tremendous impact Jesus has and still does have on the entire earth. Through various cross references between biblical account, know historical events and locations and other extra biblical accounts it has been later determined that Jesus wasn’t born in the year zero as was previously thought. Jesus lived about 33 years and his ministry (the time he spent teaching and preforming miracles) took up the last three and a half to four and a half years depending on different points of view. Basically this is determined by counting different festivals in the gospel accounts of the life of Jesus, certain festivals or feast happen so often and by counting the amount of times they are mentioned in the account you can approximate how much time had past. The discrepancy of course comes where some people see multiple the mentioning of a feast as being a second reference to the same festival and some see it as being reference to the next years festival so that is why there is differing opinion. The vast majority of Christians hold the view that the ministry was probably three and a half years. In the last three and a half years of is life he preformed essentially all the works that are synonymous with Jesus. This is the time period in which he selected the twelve apostles, fed the five thousand people, raised people from the dead, made the blind see and the lame walk and so much more. Of the here and half years he spent a good portion of that teaching his twelve disciples the deeper things of what would become Christianity. He tough a great multitude of people a great and many tings but it was his disciples who where given the training that they might teach it to the next generation. For more click here!
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